Surfers are choosing more and more to experience the entire wave riding experience by building their own surfboard. As foam surfboards are retired by aging surfers and surfboards with sleeker and longer lines are chosen, wooden surfboards are more popular than ever. These surfers start to understand that there is more to surfing than just going to a local surf shop and laying out hundreds of dollars for the best advertised surfboard. The true experience of surfing is best known by those that take the time to craft their own hollow wooden surfboard. Those that make a wooden surfboard find that surfing is an experience far greater than paddling out to the break with two dozen locals but rather paddling out any day on a home made surfboard.
The internet has taken out many of the common misconceptions about building surfboards and the difficulty that was thought in making a surfboard. Surfboard shapers and builders have told surfers for years that making a surfboard requires years of experience and special skills. The information age has brought that myth to an end and the information to build a wooden is now available from various sources and vendors online. Surfboard plans and surfboard blueprints are even available for instant download by some sites. This mass production of surfboard plans brings and end to the days when surfboard makers kept surfboard templates and surfboard patterns locked up and secret to preserve the mystic of building a surfboard. If you are interested in building a surfboard you should look at wood surfboard plans and find the joy of building a surfboard.