Welcome to my website, MahaloBoards.com, my way of giving back to the surfing community. Building hollow wooden surfboards has been such a rewarding experience for me that I encourage anyone who is interested to get involved and share this passion. Before Mahalo Boards,¬†I built my first wooden surfboard in our garage in honor of our newborn son. The end result turned out amazing so I started replacing my foam surfboards with hollow wooden copies. At the time, I hadn’t seen too many builders/shapers producing high performance short boards, so I decided to clone my favorite thruster sinse it was deteriorating and would probably end up in the garbage sooner or later… the unfortunate reality of foam surfboards. Building hollow wooden short boards has been quite a challenge though and I can understand why not many people are going this route. It is extremely difficult to match the weight and performance of a short board but I have developed a build method that produces a hollow wooden short board that is as close as it needs to be. Unless you are on the ASP World Tour, these close tolerances won’t effect you. Foam surfboards have a particular flex and are lighter than hollow wooden surfboards. However, a hollow wooden surfboard gains the advantage for being more buoyant, and the added weight is hardly noticeable in the water. This can actually allow a surfer to ride a smaller or thinner surfboard than usual. Also, hollow wooden surfboards are much stronger than foam surfboards making them last much longer. Bottom line… they look good, surf great, and last a lifetime. What are you waiting for?


Surfing And Me

Surfing became a way of life for me while on a family vacation in Maui. I will never forget that first wave I caught at Break Wall Beach in Lahaina Harbor while attending surf school with my brother. From that point on, I was hooked. Growing up in Southeast Virginia and spending summers in the Outer Banks of North Carolina also helped fuel this passion for surfing. After a few barrowed boards, I finally had saved enough money to purchase my own board from Hatteras Glass (Rodanthe surf shop) surfboard shaped by the legendary, recently deceased, Robert “Redman” Manville. I eventually sold that board and now I really wish I hadn’t! Redman was a true visionary with his shapes and a leader in the underground surfing community. If you still have your “Redman”, hold on to it or call me if you’re willing to sell it!

Surfing for me continued through college and continues today. However, as I become older, it seems increasingly difficult to enjoy the surf as I take on more responsibility. More often my free time is spent selflessly with others, so when those moments present themselves, they are truly cherished!