reasons to make a surfboard- timber surfboards can be easy to build
Its cheaper
Wood workers and craftsmen are becoming more exposed to the idea of building making timber surfboards. Making a surfboard is a great way to own a board but spend much less than most surf shops charge. A simple wooden surfboard could be built for less that $100 with a clear and simple set of plans or blueprints to help with the building process. Some big named blogs have developed from the culture of building surfboards and new terms have become normal phrases to describe homemade surfboards, such as timber surfboards, grain surfboards, and grown surfboards. With the price of boards going up the popularity of building your own will surely become more attractive. A home craftsman or DIY (do-it-yourself) person will find a plethora of resources and even some free .pdf surfboard plans or blueprints available for a small price.
Building a hollow wood timber surfboard is actually better for the environment than purchasing a foam board. Clark Foam Surfboard Blanks closed its doors years ago amidst allegations of pollution and EPA violations which describes how bad foam boards can be for the environment. One can only imagine how many Styrofoam coffee cups it would take to make a foam blank for a surfboard and no one disputes the problems with those cups in the landfill. Hollow wooden surfboards are a renewable resource and are very friendly to the environment. Those that decide to make a surfboard definitely have the future in mind and are taking the steps to preserve the surfing culture.
Surfers also find that making a plan to build a surfboard in the winter, nights, or when there are now swells is a great way to pass time and still be connected to the surfing community. Reading information on how to make a surfboard is free entertainment and can even give a small mental surfing break to those working during great swells and want to paddle out on their old hollow wooden timber surfboard. Many that live in the colder climates and don’t want to hassle with expensive wet suits have the perfect reason to create a surfboard.
Whatever your reason to make a surfboard be sure you choose quality surfboard plans when looking at information on how to make a surfboard.