♦   Lightweight Hollow Wooden Surfboards

♦   Built to outlast your foam-core boards

♦   Most beautiful surfboards you’ll ever ride

♦   Eco-friendly materials and longer lasting

♦   These surfboards are functional artwork

♦   Don’t let these boards collect dust on a wall

♦   UPDATE:Build method released… enjoy!

♦   UPDATE: Build method updated!

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These surfboards are custom made to order since so much work goes into each board so we don’t normally carry a full inventory of surfboards. When ordering a custom hollow wooden surfboard from Mahalo Boards, we recommend that you be as involved as possible with the build from start to finish. Turn around time can vary depending on your needs and our availability. Contact us today to learn more.


Wooden surfboards are as “green” as you can get. Surf Tip #492 from Surfer magazine… “The greenest surfboards are actually yellow. Because they’re old.” A wooden surfboard can last you a lifetime with proper care. If you surf often, a foam-core surfboard may last you only a couple years. After that, foam surfboards show signs of wear and often take on water over time. Essentially, a foam surfboard starts to deteriorate the day you start using it. In contrast, a wooden surfboard that’s built properly, is tougher and will last longer than your typical foam surfboard. This makes wooden surfboard cheaper in the long run. The life expectancy of foam boards is measured in hours and a wooden surfboard is measured in years. Furthermore, foam-core surfboards only get their strength through the stringer and fiberglass cloth which sometimes gets sanded too thin compromising the strength of the surfboard. Unfortunately, you won’t know your surfboard was sanded too thin until it’s too late and snaps in the whitewater. Our hollow wooden surfboards are strong and rigid even without fiberglass. This allows us to create stronger, longer lasting surfboards.


Out of the water, wooden surfboards are heavier than foam-core surfboards, however being hollow makes them more buoyant. This will allow you to surf a thinner surfboard and be more connected to the water. Keep in mind that a wooden short-board may not out perform a light weight foam board however, once you get one of these beauties on the water, the difference is well worth it. As beautiful as these surfboards are to look at, the beauty is truly in the ride.


“It’s an amazing feeling of pride the first time you get a Hollow Wooden Surfboard on the water.”


With our build method, these surfboards are built from thin wood strips laminated over a skeletal frame. There are no veneers or foam in these surfboards. They are glassed inside and out using fiber glass cloth with epoxy resin to produce a lightweight and durable surfboard that can last you a lifetime. Contact us today to learn more.